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“As instinctual and emotive expressions my paintings invoke affective communication and connection while rejecting the need to cater to realism or aesthetics. Instead of striving to portray beauty and perfection they provide space and grace for the raw and vulnerable.


Occasionally I paint with a specific object or reference in mind, abstracting and expressing as I desire; however, my usual and preferred process is to paint intuitively, discovering and embracing an image throughout the painting process. Separating intellectual promptings and judgments from the act of creating has not only provided a relieving escape of self awareness but has also resulted in tangible images reflecting a sense of identity I can finally recognize as my own.


This process of expression began as a way of releasing emotional energy from complex trauma/CPTSD and from the challenges of life with rare disease, both experiences for which words have always proven inadequate or even nonexistent. The ability to communicate through art has allowed me to connect with difficult and complicated realities in a most healing and transformative way. I hope the images I share can also serve viewers as a language for compassionate connection and communication, either introspectively, or in relationship to others.”

- Patricia Alexandra


Patricia painting "Survivor" in 2014

From her home in Manitoba, Canada, Patricia Alexandra took to painting as a means of expressing emotional energy from the incommunicable challenges in her life. Acrylic paints aid her escape into a peaceful world of forgotten self as she channels subconscious promptings into uninhibited and unpredictable works of expressionist art. Sharing her images Patricia invites each viewer to personally engage and connect with these story tellers through the same emotive and intuitive language in which they were painted.


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